Fee Schedule

Fees are effective November 18, 2016.

Share Draft (Checking) Accounts

Description Fee
Returned Item for Insufficient Funds $30.00
Business Account Return Item $40.00
Stop Payment of Check $25.00
Stop Payment for Series of Checks $25.00
Return Deposit $30.00
Stop Payment for Cashier's Check or Money Orders $25.00
Copy of Check (one free per month) $2.00
Copy of Statement $5.00
Copy of Interim Statement $3.00
Basic Checking Only -- Monthly Service Fee (daily balance less than $500.00) $2.00
Business Checking Account Monthly Service Fee $20.00
Cost of Checks Variable

Share (Savings) Accounts

Description Fee
Return Deposit $30.00
Business Account Return Item $40.00

Excessive Transfers f/Savings (more than 6 per month)*

$5.00 per instance 

Money Market Monthly Service Fee (daily balance less than $1,000.00 for Gold; daily balance less than $10,000 for Platinum)


DORMANT ACCOUNT FEES (this fee is the result of no activity within a 12-month period; excludes accounts with balances >= $5000) $10.00 / month / account

Incorrect Address (after 3 attempts)

Escheat Fee (No activity 36 months)



* Exceeding 6 transfers in a month for consecutive months may result in the suspension of future transfer privileges and/or the conversion of your savings account to a checking account. 

Debit/ATM Card

Description Fee
ATM/Debit Card (Checking accounts) None
ATM Card (Savings account) None
Return Deposit through ATM $30.00
ATM Replacement Card (second occurrence) $10.00

Additional ATM/CheckLink Debit Card


ATM / Debit Card - Rush Order Card


Visa Credit Card

Description Fee
Cashier's Check for Visa Payment $5.00
 VISA Late Payment Fee (after grace period) $30.00
Special Rush Card $25.00

Money Orders

Description Fee
Money Orders  $1.00 per item
Cashier's Checks (one free per month) $5.00 per item thereafter

Mortgage Fees

Description Fee
First Mortgage Application Fee $425.00
Home Equity - more than $100,000 Appraisal Fee: $200 - $600.00
Administration Fee/2nd Mortgage/Internal Refinance Only $325.00
Recording Fee at Closing $110.00
Subordination Request - Prepared by GSFCU $300.00
Subordination Request - Not Prepared by GSFCU $250.00

Payoff Request (in writing/fax or mail)


Mortgage Processing Verification Letter


Wire Transfers

Description Fee
Incoming Wire Free
Outgoing Wire - Domestic (within U.S.) $25.00
Outgoing Wire - International $40.00
Outgoing Business Account Wires - Domestic/International $40.00

Miscellaneous Fees

Description Fee
ACH Return Item $30.00
ACH Stop Payment $25.00
IRS and Sheriff's Levy $75.00
Notary Services Free
Signature Guarantee Free
Account Investigation-Share/ATM/ACH (per item after 60 days) $10.00
Account Verification/Consular Letter $10.00
Account Reconciliation/Per Hour ($10 minimum) $25.00

Internet Home Banking and Bill Pay


Item Sent for Collection


Visa Gift Cards


IRS Levy Check


Expedited Auto Title Release (24-72 hours)

Standard Auto Title Release (up to 45 days)



Loan/Document Service

Description Fee
FedEx Next Day A.M. Delivery $35.00
FedEx Next Day P.M. Delivery $30.00
FedEx Saturday Delivery $50.00
FedEx International Delivery $25.00
Overnight - Postal Charges $25.00