Fee Schedule

Fees are effective November 17, 2017.

Share Draft (Checking) Accounts

Description Fee

Returned Item for Insufficient Funds (NSF)

Overdraft Fee / Courtesy Pay



Business Account Return Item $40.00
Stop Payment of Check $25.00
Stop Payment for Series of Checks $25.00
Return Deposit $30.00
Stop Payment for Cashier's Check or Money Orders $25.00
Copy of Check (one free per month) $2.00
Copy of Statement $5.00
Copy of Interim Statement $3.00
Basic Checking Only -- Monthly Service Fee (daily balance less than $500.00) $2.00
Business Checking Account Monthly Service Fee $20.00
Cost of Checks Variable

Share (Savings) Accounts

Description Fee
Return Deposit $30.00
Business Account Return Item $40.00

Excessive Transfers f/Savings (more than 6 per month)*

$5.00 per instance 

Money Market Monthly Service Fee (daily balance less than $1,000.00 for Gold; daily balance less than $10,000 for Platinum)


DORMANT ACCOUNT FEES (this fee is the result of no activity within a 12-month period; excludes accounts with balances >= $5000) $10.00 / month / account

Incorrect Address (after 3 attempts)

Escheat Fee (No activity 36 months)



* Exceeding 6 transfers in a month for consecutive months may result in the suspension of future transfer privileges and/or the conversion of your savings account to a checking account. 

Debit/ATM Card

Description Fee
ATM/Debit Card (Checking accounts) None
ATM Card (Savings account) None
Return Deposit through ATM $30.00
ATM Replacement Card (second occurrence) $10.00

Additional ATM/CheckLink Debit Card


ATM / Debit Card - Rush Order Card


Visa Credit Card

Description Fee
Cashier's Check for Visa Payment $5.00
 VISA Late Payment Fee (after grace period) $30.00
Special Rush Card $25.00

Money Orders

Description Fee
Money Orders  $1.00 per item
Cashier's Checks (one free per month) $5.00 per item thereafter

Mortgage Fees

Description Fee
First Mortgage Application Fee $425.00
Home Equity - more than $100,000 Appraisal Fee: $200 - $600.00
Administration Fee/2nd Mortgage/Internal Refinance Only $325.00
Recording Fee at Closing $110.00
Subordination Request - Prepared by GSFCU $300.00
Subordination Request - Not Prepared by GSFCU $250.00

Payoff Request (in writing/fax or mail)


Mortgage Processing Verification Letter


Wire Transfers

Description Fee
Incoming Wire Free
Outgoing Wire - Domestic (within U.S.) $25.00
Outgoing Wire - International $40.00
Outgoing Business Account Wires - Domestic/International $40.00

Miscellaneous Fees

Description Fee
ACH Return Item $30.00
ACH Stop Payment $25.00
IRS and Sheriff's Levy $75.00
Notary Services Free
Signature Guarantee Free
Account Investigation-Share/ATM/ACH (per item after 60 days) $10.00
Account Verification/Consular Letter $10.00
Account Reconciliation/Per Hour ($10 minimum) $25.00

Internet Home Banking and Bill Pay


Item Sent for Collection


Visa Gift Cards


Refinance Auto Loan from Personal to Business Within First 24 Months of Loan Inception


IRS Levy Check


Expedited Auto Title Release (24-72 hours)

Standard Auto Title Release (up to 45 days)



Loan/Document Service

Description Fee
FedEx Next Day A.M. Delivery $35.00
FedEx Next Day P.M. Delivery $30.00
FedEx Saturday Delivery $50.00
FedEx International Delivery $25.00
Overnight - Postal Charges $25.00