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Garden Savings switch from Visa to Mastercard

Updated: April 21st, 2022


We have partnered with Mastercard to better serve our members with access to additional credit card feautres and benefits. All Credit Cardholders will have access to mobile wallet setup, added chip security and contactless payment processing. In addition, to our recently launched card control application, SecurLock that allows you to manage your credit card from your mobile phone.

Advanced Chip Security
Contactless Payments


Q. How do I register my new credit card for online access?

A. Currently, our single sign-on access is unavailable. We are working hard to get this resolved in a timely manner. You will be able to utilize the seperate credit card RUL below to register and access your card information. Please ensure you are using the full name on the mailing information for your credit card rather than the name printed on the card.

EZ Card Login


Q. Why am I unable to update my PIN at this time?

A. There has been a delay in this feature due to the recent conversion of our credit cards. We are working diligently to get this feature available soon. In the meantime, please utilize the PIN provided on the PIN Mailer sent to you shortly after the card arrived.


Q. What happened to the automatic payments that I had set up on my Visa credit card? 

A. All active cardholders were issued a new credit card number with updated expiration date and 3-digit CVV code. Please make sure to change stored card information or update any automatic debits with all bill payers, merchants, and subscription services. 


Q. Will there be any changes to my billing statements or cycle?

A. We have worked to improve our credit card statements during this process but have not made any changes to any individuals billing cycle. Members do have the option to change their billing cycle date.


Q. How will I access my credit card moving forward?

A. You will still be able to access your credit card through online banking after registering your new credit card account. Once you have created credentials for the credit card site you will automatically be logged in every time you access through online banking.


Q. What self-service options are available with the credit card?

A. We offer an array of online and mobile browser self-service options such as account history search, electronic statements, rewards information (if applicable), automatic payment and one-time payment features. 


Q. Will I be able to add my credit card to my mobile wallet?

A. At this time, we are working with Apple, Samsung and Google Pay to get these services activated for our members. Please stay tuned for an update on mobile wallet within the coming months.


Q. My name is not printed as I prefer it to be on my new card. What can I do?

A. We apologize for the inconvienience and would be more than happy to personalize your card to your preferrence. Please enter a Contact Us request listed at the bottom of this page. A $10 replacement card fee may be assesed.


Q. I have not received my card yet, what does that mean?

A. We have sent all cards through standard postal service at the begiining of April. There may be delays due to weather, low-staff, or geographic issues in your area related to the USPS. We appreciate your patience in the coming weeks while you continue to keep a look out for your new card in the mail. If you do not have your card by May 7th, please contact us at 973-361-2002


Q. If I have a Premier Rate card will I be able to apply for the new CashBack Plus card?

A. Yes, we are now accepting applications for our CashBack Plus card. If approved you will have the option to transfer the current credit limit to your new card or have both products. Credit Limits are determined by credit worthiness.

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