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Updated As Of: October 26, 2021


Hours:  Monday - Friday 8:30-4:30; flexibility required

Location:  129 Littleton Road in Parsippany

Years of Experience:   3-5 Years in an active marketing department with progressive responsibilities



The Marketing Manager will work in conjunction with the Chief Sales Officer to oversee and coordinate all of the credit union’s marketing initiatives.  This position will work to develop marketing strategies, manage the budget, coordinate and implement campaigns, and communicate all of these efforts to our staff.  In addition to this the Marketing Manager will have select business development responsibilities including attending networking functions, working to acquire and onboard new Select Employer Groups, communicating with existing Select Employer Groups, and distributing information to these groups and the communities we serve as necessary. 



  1. Coordinate marketing campaigns and work to implement these campaigns in chosen distribution areas
  2. Manage all regular marketing platform information including social media, digital onboarding, and the credit union’s website, etc.
  3. Manage within a given budget as provided by and in conjunction with the Chief Sales Officer
  4. Insure that all branch lobbies are up to date with current marketing information: in-branch televisions, current brochures, current forms, any relevant marketing information, posters, etc.
  5. Insure that all Select Employer Groups are provided with our most current marketing information on a regular basis
  6. Work in conjunction with the Chief Sales Officer on newsletter and e-newsletter content, press releases, and e-mail campaigns
  7. Utilize the MCIF system to target market to our members based on their needs and demographics
  8. Contribute to all internal marketing planning documents such as supervisors meeting reports, ALM committee reports and the annual marketing plan
  9. Conduct research and development of current competitors, competitor products, and other relevant industry topics
  10. Serve as the coordination hub for business development efforts including networking functions (chamber of commerce), Select Employer Groups, and community events
  11. Work to acquire and onboard new Select Employer Groups as opportunities arise
  12. Visit Select Employer Groups and attend networking functions periodically and as necessary throughout the year (target at least two networking functions and two SEG visits per quarter)
  13. Organize and analyze data from our member surveys in conjunction with the Chief Sales Officer and the Director of Training and Member Experience
  14. Work to insure that the credit union projects a positive brand and image and that our public reputation is positive at all times
  15. Work with trusted business partners to review new offerings that benefit the credit union and its members



  • Education:           Bachelor’s Degree preferred; related business experience may be substituted

    Experience:        Credit union and/or banking experience a plus; understanding of financial services industry


For a more detailed description of the position, please request additional information.

Please forward resumes to [email protected]