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We all make mistakes. Courtesy Pay Plus is there for you if and when you do. Stay covered in the event of an overdrawn account.

All checking accounts from Garden Savings Federal Credit Union include Courtesy Pay, a discretionary service that pays overdrafts on your account so that you can avoid potentially embarrassing moments and merchant fees.1

This service does not include the authority to cover overdrafts on ATM or Point-of-Sale transactions however, unless you authorize us to do so.  If you have a Garden Savings checking account and would like to add Courtesy Pay Plus, which authorizes us to utilize Courtesy Pay on ATM and Point-of-Sale transactions, call us at 973-576-2002. This page will detail the options available to you on both Courtesy Pay and Courtesy Pay Plus on your account.  You may always opt back out of Courtesy Pay Plus at any time.


1Contact us for details. You may opt out of Courtesy Pay at any time. Restrictions apply.