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Meet the Team

Please use our main number at 973-576-2000 for your initial call unless otherwise indicated

There are specific prompts for each department you should contact first before attempting a direct extension. This will insure that if the person you are trying to access is out of the office that someone can assist you promptly.


Lou Vetere, President & CEO

Nick Biason, Executive Vice President, Executive VP & COO

Michael Powers, VP of Marketing & Lending, CSO   NMLS #775681

Lynn Dockrill, VP of Finance, CFO

Gail MacNaughton, Executive Administrative Assistant/HR Administrator

Loan Department

Mortgages & Home Equity Loans  973-576-2003

Consumer & Auto Loans  973-585-3162

Rose Mathisen, Assistant Vice President-Lending (ext. 2013)  NMLS #452350

Mariza Sousa, Assistant Loan Manager (ext. 2097)  NMLS #775686

Christine Dimopoulous, Mortgage Loan Officer (973-352-8546) NMLS #1613763

Danielle Genuario, Mortgage Loan Officer (ext. 2060)  NMLS #775683

Laura Garcia, Loan Officer (973-585-3167)  NMLS #1441856

Michelle Otero, Loan Officer (ext. 2096)  NMLS #1441860

Christine Russo, Loan Officer (ext.2050)  NMLS #1577384

Business Development

Tony Bandeira, Business Development Manager - Newark (973-585-3165)

Allison Macey, Business Development Manager - Morris County (973-585-3166)


Santino Alessio, Controller (973-352-8548)

Jennifer Lagrimas, Accountant I (ext. 2082)

Deepak Shah, Accountant II (ext. 2047)

Mary Jane McGann Senior Accountant (ext. 2091)


Conrad Benitez, AVP of I.T. (973-352-8771)

Richard Mui, System Administrator (ext. 2067)

Kidy Yuen, Application Support Specialist (ext. 2085)

Jonathan Lysiak, Application Support Specialist (973-352-8542)

Cesar Maldonado, I.T. Specialist (ext. 2049)

Collections & Past Due Payments  

Past Due Loan Payments 973-576-2018

Gale Sindico, Collections Manager (973-585-3168)

Lynn Dexter, Collections Administrator (ext. 2065)

Darren Jeremias, Asset Recovery Specialist (ext. 2068)

Yissell Maria, Asset Recovery Specialist (ext. 2005)

Judy Basurco, Asset Recovery Specialist  (ext. 8549)

Bella Serwedes, Asset Recovery Specialist  (ext. 8772)


Nina Short, Assistant Vice President - Compliance (ext. 2048)

Back-Office Operations

Paula McKlein, Operations Manager

Kelly VanDalinda, Receptionist (ext. 0)

Liliana Louro, Imaging-Office Clerk (ext. 2083)

Lisa McGowan, Imaging-Office Clerk (ext. 2087)

Kimberly Sanchez, Imaging-Office Clerk (ext. 2086)

Call Center  973-576-2002

Patricia Wilder, EFT-Member Services Specialist (ext. 2010)

Kadianne Bernard,  EFT-Member Services Specialist (ext. 2063)

Jennifer Garcia, EFT-Member Services Specialist

Adriana Torres, Member Services Specialist (ext. 2009)

Danielle Scerbo, EFT-Member Services Specialisit (ext. 973-352-8543)

Marianne Nellessen, Member Services Specialisit (ext. 2062)

Haniyyah Harps, EFT-Member Services Specialist  (ext. 973-352-8410)

Christopher Cardoso, Member Services Specialist  (ext. 2011)

Lesly Polanco, Member Services Specialist (973-585-3177)

Rosa Ramos, Member Services Specialist

Wendy Sohi, Member Services Specialist

Parsippany Branch  973-576-2042

Marilyn Cox, Branch Manager (ext. 2040)

Nancy Vuono, Assistant Branch Manager (ext. 2041)

Gina Mansur, Member Services Representative (ext. 2044)

Jeannette Pena, Member Services Representative  (ext. 2043)

Sophia Smarra, Member Services Representative (ext. 2043)

Newark Branch   973-576-2072

Elia Almeida, Branch Manager (973-576-8550)

Stephanie Santos, Assistant Branch Manager (973-576-8554)

Leandra Conde, Member Services Specialist (973-352-8561)

Christopher DeFreitas, Member Services Representative (973-352-8552)

Kevin Marques, Member Services Representative (973-352-8554)

Rosa DeSousa, Member Services Representative (973-352-8557)

Maria Marinheira, Member Services Representative 

Irvin Guzman, Teller (973-352-8553)

Carla Moreno, Loan Officer (973-576-8555)

Murray Hill Branch

Bernadette Huber, Member Services Representative (973-576-2005)

Dover Branch  973-361-3770

Yajaira Mendoza, Branch Manager (973-936-1170)

Carmen Caban, Assistant Manager  (973-936-1171)

Nancy Largacha, Member Services Representative  (973-936-1178)

Yvette Vazquez, Member Services Representative  (973-936-1172)

Claudia Portillo, Member Services Representative (973-936-1173)

Claritza Granados, Member Services Representative (973-936-1174)

Claudia Mosquera, Teller  (973-936-1175)

Luz Ramirez, Teller   (973-936-1176)

Madeline Acevedo, Teller (973-936-1177)

South Orange Branch  973-761-7090

Samson DeBose, Branch Manager  (973-761-7102)

Robyn Perkins, Assistant Branch Manager (973-761-7101)

Latoya McZorn, Member Service Representative  (973-761-7103)

Melissa Miller, Member Service Representative  (973-761-7104)

Joanne Jankunas, Member Service Specialist (973-387-7105)

Training & Member Experience

Mairead Togneri  Director of Employee Development & Member Experience (ext. 8547)