Reap the True Power of Your Home’s Equity

For a limited time, you'll receive a bonus of $100 VISA Gift Card when you close a Home Equity Line of Credit*

A home equity loan from Garden Savings lets you use the power of your equity to borrow money at a great low rate. We also offer larger loan amounts, up to 100% of your home’s LTV or Loan-to-Value*, so you can tap into MORE equity for MORE cash. Apply today, and get all the money you need.

What will you do with the power of your home’s equity?

Savings And Flexibility
  • Financing up to 100% LTV*
  • Affordable fixed and variable rates
  • Terms range from 15 to 30 years
  • Easy application and approval
  • Credit lines available for ongoing needs
  • No annual fee or pre-payment penalties
  • Update your home
  • Take a dream vacation
  • Buy a new car or boat
  • Pay for college
  • Consolidate debt

The versatility of your home equity loan is unmatched, and the uses as wide-ranging as your imagination. Most benefit from a potential tax deduction, too. See your tax advisor for details.

It's quick and easy to apply

*$100 gift card offer good with a Home Equity Lines of Credit draw of $10,000 or over at closing.  Valid through 9/30/18.  Home Equity Lines of credit require a $10,000 initial advance at time of closing, and that line remain open for two years.  Early payoff is subject to a $300 documentation fee.