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In mid-March, new Mastercard® Debit Card will be mailed out to debit card members to replace the current Visa® Debit Card.

About the new contactless Mastercard® Debit Cards:

  • Use these new cards at all contactless (tap-to-pay), chip-enabled and swipe terminals.
  • Activate your new card beginning March 22, then destroy old cards.
  • Personal Identification Numbers (P.I.N.) will change, HOWEVER you do have the option of chooosing a new P.I.N. at activation.
    • When activating your card you must listen to the message until the very end to CREATE YOUR NEW PIN #
    • Your new PIN can match the PIN you used on your old Visa Debit Card or it can be a brand new one.
  • Update or add the card for all recurring monthly bill payments and subscriptions.
  • Set up digital wallets with the card as the default to make online and in-app payments easier and faster.

If you have questions about these new cards please call us at 973-576-2002.

Design of the new cards: